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Our Mission

We are a humanitarian group that strives to provide equal and effective health care to all. Our focus is on delivering preventative and therapeutic care to indigenous men, women and families of Sadwal Kalan, a small village with a population under 2000 people located in Pakistan.

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Our Principles

Sahara, a word from Pakistan's national language, Urdu, translates to “Support”. We are driven to support and empower all people of Sadwal Kalan and surrounding villages and towns, especially those afflicted by absolute poverty. The majority of these villagers are unaware of their health status, the types of care facilities available remotely, how or when to take action on improving their health and most unfortunately, lack the money to do so. Beyond this, the closest clinic or hospital for these individuals is in the neighboring town, accessible only by a vehicle, which many of these people do not possess. This triggers unfortunate downstream effects where these individuals do not have proper care of their health issues and suffer as a result. At Seeds for Sahara, we are determined to gather resources from many around the world to provide fundamental and sustainable services for underserved areas of rural Pakistan.

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Facing the Reality

80% of individuals in Pakistan below the relative poverty line reside in rural areas of the country. The country is 31’st highest in infant mortality rate and possesses a bottom-20 rank in health expenditure per capita: these people are in dire need of support from those around the world. Ischemic heart diseases and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the country, which can be attributed to prolonged undiagnosis of underlying health issues. Lower respiratory and diarrheal diseases are also amongst the top 5 causes of death due to the lack of sanitary water available. Currently possessing a ratio of 2 primary care units per 10,000 people, implementing adequate health care supply and epidemiology strategies are imperative for the well-being of these communities.

Seeds for Support

This community is dear to the founding members of Seeds for Sahara as we experienced much of our lives there and witnessed the dreadful effects of poverty on the health of many villagers around us. Through collaborative efforts and transparent public fundraising methods, we aim to provide an increasing number of communities with free access to basic necessities, sustainable quality medical care, educational directives and sanitary water supply.

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Plant a seed to support

If you support our mission and want to make an impact on the communities we work with, click the donation button below or become a volunteer. All donations are subject to tax reductions as we are a public charity under the IRC Section 501(c)(3).

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