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Advancing Current Projects

We hope to improve the quality of care the clinic currently provides by implementing long-term and high impact services at the clinic’s facility. This is possible through improvements in the following domains:

Developing Projects: Programs

Advance diagnosis

Expansion of the services provided by this primary care clinic include:

      1. Ultrasound technology

      2. Lab work & X-Ray technology

      3. Further cardiac testing - because it is the leading cause of death in Pakistan

      4. Additional staff such as supplementary doctors and nurses due to the overload of patients - currently have one doctor and one assistant staffed.


Potential Future Projects

School for those challenged with disabilities: Sadwal Kalan lacks any sufficient support for children with disabilities. Our long-term goals include building a school and a curriculum designed for these individuals.

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Developing Projects: Welcome

Plant a seed to support

If you support our mission and want to make an impact on the communities we work with, click the donation button below or become a volunteer. All donations are subject to tax reductions as we are a public charity under the IRC Section 501(c)(3).

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