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Partner with Us

Due to the association of our founders with hospitals and non-profit organizations, we have several potential partnerships in progress. We’re open to associating with any group or individual that wishes to support us on our mission. To contact us for a potential collaboration, please click the partnership link below and leave us a message.


Volunteer Your Time

Thank you for expressing interest in joining the SeedsforSahara movement. If you would like to volunteer as a Local Staff member in Pakistan or as a Global Ambassador from anywhere across the world, please send us an email demonstrating your interest. We are a developing group and rely on your contribution and commitment to our mission.

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Make a Donation

We’ve served hundreds of patients, but now we need support to sustain this project for years to come. Your contribution matters as much as ours. A donation amount as simple as $1 can help us provide impoverished communities with care that will affect their lives directly. We will be adding the names of all donors to our Donation Wall in order to acknowledge the seed you are providing which may inspire many others to do the same. As donors, you will be an official Seeds For Sahara member and supporter! 100% of all donations collected will be directed to the SeedsForSahara (S4S) General Fund for projects currently in progress, with absolutely no funds directed to any associated administration or overhead costs.

Get Involved: Get Involved

Plant a seed to support

If you support our mission and want to make an impact on the communities we work with, click the donation button below or become a volunteer. All donations are subject to tax reductions as we are a public charity under the IRC Section 501(c)(3).

Make an impact

Become a volunteer

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Get Involved: Get Involved
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